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Information technology has completely changed how we live, work, and play today.  Unfortunately, the one place where it has not been widely accepted is at your physician's office.  According to recent statistics, only about ten to fifteen percent of physicians use computers to keep track of their patient's medical information.  Reasons for not being up to date include lack of computer skills, disruption of the current work flow, and the expense and time required to implement in a new system.

We feel that this is a very important issue in the practice of medicine today.  An electronic medical record system (EMR) does require a large investment of time and money, but the benefits for our patient care is enormous and well worth our effort.  Clear advantages of an electronic medical record includes:

1) Clear, legible documentation - reducing the chance for mistakes or misinterpretation of the physician's hand writing.

2) Easy and fast access - providing immediate availability of patient information whenever it is needed for patient care.  Sending records to other health care providers now take a few mouse clicks and a few minutes rather than copying and mailing charts which could take weeks. 

3) Safe storage and backup - duplicating copies of your records in case of catastrophes such as flood or fire which would destroy any paper charts.

What this means to our patients is a system that will give us easy access to their records, reduce medical errors, and improve medical care.


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