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Asthma Medications Review / AMA

Food Allergy Facts / ACAAI

New Approaches to Treating Asthma: Tips for Correct Use of Medications / AMA

Urticaria (Hives) / ACAAI

Anaphylaxis Fact Sheet / ACAAI

Common Allergies / AAP

JAMA Patient Page:Understanding Allergies / JAMA/Archives

Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots) / ACAAI

News from the ACAAI:Allergy Shots Evolve into More Effective and Patient Friendly Therapies / ACAAI

The Importance of Allergy Testing / ACAAI

Facts About Allergy Shots / ACAAI

What If Your Infant Has Asthma? / AMA

Understanding Asthma / AAP

Patient Tip Sheet on Anaphylaxis: Allergic Emergencies / ACAAI

Understanding Asthma: Pregnancy Facts / ACAAI

Food Allergies / AAP

Latex Allergy Facts / ACAAI

News from the ACAAI:
Treat Allergic Rhinitis to Help Control Asthma Say Experts Worldwide

News from the ACAAI:
New Study Shows That Allergy Shots Can Prevent Asthma in Children With Allergies

News from the AMA:
Asthma Relief Drug Should Not Be Used Alone for Treatment of Persistent Asthma
 / AMA

News from the ACAAI:
New National Survey Reveals Americans Underestimate the Consequences of Allergies
 / AMA

News From the ACAAI:
Allergies Linked to Poor Grades, Missed School and Less Sleep

News from the ACAAI:
Food Allergy Prevention Begins at Birth for High-Risk Families

Drug Reactions / Medem-ACAAI

Pollen Allergy / NIH

Pet Allergy Facts / ACAAI

Sinusitis / AMA

Common Illnesses

JAMA Patient Page:
Aspirin Sensitivity
 / JAMA/Archives

Sinusitis / Medem-ACAAI

Allergic Diseases and Cognitive Impairment / Medem-ACAAI

Eye Allergies and Allergic Conjunctivitis / Medem-ACAAI

House Dust Allergy / ACAAI

Asthma Facts / ACAAI

News From the ACAAI:
Diminished Cell Production Associated With Asthma Linked to Tobacco Smoke

News from the AMA:
Body Mass Index Related to Risk of Asthma
 / AMA

News from the ACAAI:
Female Students Report More Frequent and Severe Asthma and Other Allergic Disease Symptoms Than Male Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Facts on Allergy Testing / ACAAI

Latex Allergies / ACAAI

When Should I See an Allergist? / ACAAI

How To Create a Dust-Free Bedroom / NIH

Headaches and Allergies / ACAAI

Symptoms of an Allergy / AAP

Anaphylaxis / Medem-ACAAI

Children's Allergies / ACAAI

Emerging Therapies for Patients With Asthma and Other Allergic Diseases / ACAAI

What Is a Pediatric Allergist/Immunologist? / AAP

Facts About Medications for Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever) / ACAAI

Fact Sheet: Efficacy and Safety of Immunotherapy ('Allergy Shots') / ACAAI

Treating People With Allergic Diseases / NIH

What If You Have Asthma and Are Pregnant? / AMA

  Recognizing an Asthma Attack / AAP

What Triggers Asthma? / AMA

Common Asthma Triggers / AAP

Asthma and Allergy Statistics / NIH

When Pregnancy Is Complicated By Allergies and Asthma / ACAAI

How Asthma-Friendly Is Your Child-Care Setting? / NIH

  What if You Have Asthma and Are Over Age 55? / AMA

About Food Allergies / ACAAI

News From ACOG:
Treating Asthma During Pregnancy Reduces Health Risks to Newborn

News From the ACAAI:
Mold Allergy a Bigger Health Concern than Toxic Mold

News From the ACAAI:
Don't Let the Bugs Bite ? Tips From Allergists

Poison Ivy Allergy / NIH

Mold Allergy / NIH Pet Allergy / ACAAI Insect Stings / ACAAI

Staying Healthy

Exercising With Allergies and Asthma / ACAAI

Reducing Allergy Triggers / AAP

Taking Control: A Guide for People With Asthma / ACAAI

Allergy, Asthma and Exercise Facts / ACAAI

Advice From Your Allergist on Asthma / ACAAI

Asthma and Bone Health / NIH

Indoor Allergy Facts / ACAAI

News from the AAP:
Eliminating Household Factors Key to Reducing Childhood Asthma
 / AAP

News From the ACAAI:
Don't Let Pollen and Mold Allergies Stifle Your Gardening Pleasure

News from the ACAAI:
Allergists Help Take the Sting Out of Late-Summer Allergies

News from the ACAAI
Allergy Shots Should Be Used More Frequently in Allergic Asthma to Prevent More Serious Disease

News From the ACAAI:
Revolutionary Anti-IgE Drug Found Safe and Effective in Long-Term Control of Severe Allergic Asthma

Bee, Wasp and Insect Stings / AAP


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